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With your company information submitted with the form along with the desired creatives, your business website will be ready in 7 business days.

We as internet marketers first, before web designers, promote new products constantly.

Therefore just owning one website is not very efficient for such business, so we set out and bought a business hosting plan for building of unlimited websites hosted on Google And Amazon servers...

Although this was a lucky purchase (a very expensive one at that) and the site you are currently on is built on the same platform.

Now extending such to businesses that are in need of such service only makes sense as your business moves forward with a new website and strategies to make sales, we make profits here and there, everybody wins.

Although we are not sponsored in any way by Google, Amazon or any other company.

NO! We are an independent company. 

We are quite aware that you can get a free website from Google my business. But frankly this just doesn't cut it and only serves one purpose… makes your business look unprofessional! (no harm intended). 

So, although it puts your business on the web, it is a far cry from being called a “Business website” as it does not contain the features a business website should have like a professional business mail, which we provide on all our packages built-in. We don’t build a “Google website for you” we build converting business websites and sales pages.

We at dashluck.com don't just provide a website for your business, we provide extra tools to grab the attention of those customers and keep hunting them till they buy from you.

We accept payments via Flutterwave secure payment Gateway (atm cards and mobile money)

Direct deposit (Contact us on whatsapp)


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YES, we could set up a blog and connect it to your business website.

No, you don’t get a blog baked in directly to the website which is a good thing!

Hold on, while it may seem like am trying to justify the business we run(which i am) it really is a good thing!

what good will it be writing content on a site with zero authority when you don't plan on running a blog where you constantly upload a blog post?

it benefits your site more to get your content written on other places where it will grab eyeballs~the lifeblood of business!

NO, we don’t host your website for free, you pay for one-time hosting fees.

As opposed to paying monthly or yearly for the same service with other Web Design Agencies.

After the exhaustion of your 5-page limit on the Advanced Plan, each extra webpage costs 1,000 which you only pay for once(per extra page) .

Domain names are web properties that cannot be owned permanently.

It is regulated by an international body called the Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) responsible for the domain names database maintenance. 

So instead of saying you are buying a domain name just say it’s a lease or rent for a particular period of time after which it has to be renewed or bought over by another business/individual. 

We at DashLuck bought DashLuck.com and we also pay for it yearly.

If at any point in time we knowingly or unknowingly don’t renew it after it expires, we cease ownership of the domain and it can easily be bought by another Individual.   

Although we currently do not offer this service baked into any of our plans, we could set up a free store via Flutterwave store or Paystack commerce although no storefront as they do not offer this service but we connect the products to your site. 

We do have a In-house, fully featured store, just like Jumia and you only pay once.

This will be our pricier service, but you will be able to pay in installments once it’s out fully. Unlike any other option out there.

Join our mailing-list to get notified once it's out. 

This will be major news for those intending to go into dropshipping and print on demand because this right here is a total Shopify killer!. 

Due to certain circumstances this will not be available for now. 

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